Effective design means not only creating communication between a client and their audience, but also making a solid connection. Graphic design goes beyond the idea of visual appeal, to command attention, identify, persuade and educate.

When staring a design project, it is important to ask myself some key questions.

  • What do I need to create?
  • Who is the client?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the message?
  • What are the specifications?

Once I have answered these questions, I develop an outline for the project and begin the brainstorming process. This is where I employ my most creative thinking to craft concepts and preliminary designs. I consider our goal. The identity needs to be clear and memorable. It should be sustainable, adaptable and must express the true character of the client it represents.

From here I create sketches and use design tools to fine tune the concept. I explore different options and create multiple versions. This is important so that we may achieve the best possible result. During this process, I am also considering all aspects including digital, media and type design. In most cases we are designing a creative package, so it is important to make sure all of the properties are harmonious.

One of my favorite sites to design was for Bucket and Skinner' Epic Adventures star Ashley Argota. Early in the process, Ashley provided me with a video with the feeling that she wanted her site to convey. In getting to know her better, we realized she loved butterflies and the color purple. Using these and other elements as inspiration I was able to accurately depict the lavender field aesthetics that represented her style and personality. This made her site unique and completely customized to her.

My ultimate goal is to help employ communication strategies for our clients. The end result integrates the properties into a united vision that communicates and connects our client to their fans.

Kevin, LOL SMG, Designer, Artist