The Social Media Network 'Model' Social Media can create exposure in a variety of fields, even those considered to be 'silent professions.' Models have long been recognized for their striking looks, but rarely for their personalities. As social networks continue to grow, models are taking matters into their own hands, creating buzz and building their audiences through social media platforms.

Agencies are no longer looking for just a pretty face when it comes to the next top model. An individual with established recognition and effective communication skills is considered far more valuable than someone with good looks or the right physique. In order to stand out among the other models vying for the same gigs, they need to share their voice.

Coco Rocha, Chrissy Teigan and Brooklyn Decker are examples of popular models with a strong social network presence. They tweet what's for dinner, travel photos and photo shoot details. Audiences get an exclusive look at the day in a life of a model and their interactions with other celebrities. These communication streams help the models and the brands they represent to become household names.

Models not only create buzz for brands they are paid to advertise for, but also for the products they use themselves. They are considered experts in beauty, style, fitness and nutrition. This makes them qualified to recommend the latest workout trend or their favorite brand of mascara. They also have the power to promote their favorite charitable enterprises and social causes. Their reach is expanded exponentially through these networks, allowing them to influence the thoughts and actions of those in their audience.

Social media networks allow public figures to take their 'celebrity' to a higher power. Many of our celebrity clients are great examples of just how easy it is to create awareness of their brand and to build a rapport with their fan base (See Zendaya and  Taylor Gray.) No matter what your specialty, (acting, music, modeling, sports, etc.) Are you using social media to your maximum benefit?