YouTube Introduces The YouTube Music AwardsThe MTV Music Awards, People's Choice Awards, The Grammys, YouTube Music Awards... Wait,what? YouTube the launching block of many now mainstream artists has thrown their hat into the ring of music awards.  YouTube has recently announced that they will be having their very first music awards program!

The YouTube Music Awards categories and nominees will be announced on October 17th.  Voting will also begin at this time.  The awards show will be live on November 3rd hosted from Pier 36 in New York and hosted by Jason Schwartzman.  Performances will also be live from around the world including performances from Seoul, London, Rio and Moscow.  Some of those who will be preforming will include Lady Gaga, Eminem, Arcade Fire, and Lindsey Stirling, and CDZA.


 YouTube's move to create it's own music award show indicates the changing trends of the music industry.  No longer are artists confined to big record labels, now they can connect directly with their fans and even be discovered over YouTube and other social media sites.  How do you think the YouTube Music Awards will stack up to the more traditional music awards shows?  Will it become the next Grammys?  Share your thoughts in the comments!