Vimeo enhancer

Ever wish you could Instagram you videos? Thank's to Vimeo's new Vivoom powered filters you can!  Vimeo recently introduced the new filters in their blog post, they are now available for FREE. However, free filters are available for a limited time only.

With over 500 new filters to choose from the options to create a truly magical video are endless. The options could also be overwhelming, which is why there will be a Favorites option which allows filmmakers to quickly and easily find their most favorite filters without the hassle of looking through all 500 filters.

Existing Vimeo users can access the filters at Vimeo's Enhancer.  The Enhancer also features audio options to let users add musical scores and soundtracks to their videos. Complete video editing is now at your finger tips with Vimeo's Enhancer.

Have you used the new filters yet? Do you plan on it? If filters become a paid service will they be worth it? Show us your videos in the comments!