Twitter Introduces Scheduled Tweets and DMs From Any FollowerAll is not quiet on the Twitter front.  Recently, the social media network has released several new features to it's users.  Check out the new features available:

Scheduled Tweets

Just one's for Twitter Ads users only.  Now Twitter users can schedule promoted & organic tweets up to a year in advance from Twitter's Ads Platform.  All of your favorite tweet options are there including the ability to add images,  location, and more. This feature has been rolled out to all Twitter Ads users regardless of location.  Marketers now have another option to schedule their tweets in advance.

Marketers who use Twitter Ads, will this feature be one you use?  Most marketers already use a third party solution like TweetDeck or HootSuite, how will this new scheduling option play into your workflow?

Receive Direct Messages from Any Follower

Ever wish you could receive DMs from people who follow you, but who you don't necessarily follow?  Well now you can.  You can opt into this new feature in your account settings, and simple ensure the option is checked, should you wish to receive DMs from your followers.

Receiving Direct Messages seems like it could be a boon for brand and celebrity accounts.  These users may not be able to follow every single account they'd like to interact with, yet still may wish to exchange DMs with followers.  On the other hand it may also prove to be a spam magnet!

As Twitter moves closer to it's IPO there will undoubtedly be more changes coming to Twitter.  Hopefully these changes will continue to benefit all Twitter users and continually improve the Twitter experience.  Do you have thoughts on the Twitter changes? Share them with us in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!