Logging on to TweetDeck today? Looking for your Facebook columns? They are now history. As of today TweetDeck will no longer support posting to Facebook. Additionally they are removing their apps from the app stores, as well as their AIR app, to focus on a web & desktop apps.

TweetDeck Ends Mobile Apps and Facebook Support Today!

TweetDeck first announced the change back in March. With follow up in April announcing the May 7th end date for Facebook support.  Tweetdeck will now focus on Twitter power users.

Are you a TweetDeck users looking for another application that allows you to post to multiple social media networks and use a mobile app?  Here are 5 TweetDeck alternatives worth switching to:

1. HootSuite - With a mobile app and support for Facebook, Wordpress, LinkedIn and more HootSuite is a great choice for disenfranchised TweetDeck users.

2. TweetCaster - Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry TweetCaster has a mobile app for every user. It also allows posting to both Twitter and Facebook.

3. SpoutSocial - Geared to business users this paid option supports multiple social media networks, and mobile apps on iOS and Android.

4. UberSocial - UberSocial is a free app that has a similar feel as TweetDeck. It's also available for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

5. Yoono - This versatile tool is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.  It also offers multiple user accounts, and a mobile app, which is only available on iOS.

Are you a TweetDeck user? Will you be transitioning away to another social media management option? Let us know in the comments.