Ever wish you could test your Pinterest pins before you actually pinned them to Pinterest? Or wish you knew which of your pins would be successful before pinning?    Well now you can thanks to Pingage!

Pingage is a third party application that uses it's own algorithm to determine the best time to post as well as determine how well the pin might do. Pingage also offers some great quality of life and time saving options like the ability to upload multiple pins at once and an image cropping tool, and of course analytics.

Pingage's main appeal is the engagement box. It encourages Pinterest users to follow, like or visit the page where the pin is found.


With these tools, Skinny Mom CEO Brooke Griffin grew her site from 100,000 monthly pageviews to more than 1.5 million in just six months using Pingage. (See the case study!)

Pingage offers three different tiers of service at different price points. The lowest tier at $9.99/mo is geared for Pinterest users with 0-500 followers. Each tier is for progressively more followers with an additional option for very large brands.  They also offer a 45 day free trial to give the service a test drive.

Have you used Pingage? What do you think of the service? Have you seen any Pingage powered pins? Do you prefer Pinterest's own service with no third party? Tell us in the comments!