Social Media is it Worth it?

Social Media definitely isn’t as easy as it looks, while it is cost free, it surely is a major time investment. Many social marketers can relate to long tedious hours of post planning while functioning on caffeine to keep their bodies going, only then to feel like their efforts have gotten them nowhere.

If your attitude toward social media is growing sour here are some stats to consider:

  • 1 out of every 8 minutes is spent on Facebook
  • Facebook and Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow
  • U.S.  Twitter users have a higher income than the general population

(These stats were taken from Hubspot’s Marketing study)

While the time invested may be substantial one cannot argue that a free marketing tool that gives a brand exposure to millions of users is worth looking into. If you are not meeting your expectations rethink your strategy.

Concentrating on the wrong network

For some industries they may find Twitter to be a more useful marketing channel rather than Facebook or vice versa. Which network you decide to focus your efforts on will be based upon your individual stats.

You can use Google Analytics to see what your top referral sources to your website are. If you find that Facebook is your number one referral source and Twitter happens to be ten, then it would only make sense to concentrate on Facebook more. This doesn’t mean that Twitter in this instance should be ignored completely, but it does mean that it will not get as much attention.

Allocating your time toward the networks that give you the most results is a sensible approach that will lighten up your load and make your marketing efforts more effective.

The Wrong Approach

Different networks require different strategies. You should not be posting the same way on Facebook and Twitter. While it may be fine to post an inspirational quote on Twitter, if you were on Facebook it may be more effective to post a graphic with a quote on it rather than just a plain text quote.

You have to update your following in ways that make sense for the network that you are posting to.

Have a consistent and balanced schedule

If you are under or over active people will unlike or stop following your social media networks. Keep a consistent schedule that keeps your subscribers updated, but avoid overloading them as well.