Social Media vs Websites

Social media is a free and powerful tool, so much so that some have come to rely on these channels solely, viewing an official website as an unnecessary luxury. Websites are still essential for building an online presence; offering major benefits where social media simply cannot measure up.

Be Your Own Voice

Whether you are celebrity personality, small business or a large corporation, it is expected that you will have official representation on the Web. While it is important to be able to access your associated social media properties through a Google or Bing search, it is essential to also be able to visit a virtual epicenter that fully represents your brand and all associated online activity. Delaying to seize the opportunity to claim your domain name, at the very least, gives others the opportunity to speak for you. By creating your own official website, you have control over your online identity and your audiences are given the opportunity to get their information directly from the source.

Revenue Opportunities

In addition to being a fully owned and controlled official resource, a website allows for the possibility of multiple revenue earning opportunities. You have the option to earn revenue by joining affiliate marketing programs such as AdSense and LinkShare or your website could serve as a showcase for your own merchandise. Websites are yet another way to boost your latest promotions, whether it’s an upcoming event, a new video or recent single released on iTunes. Sure, you can always pitch to your following via your social media channels, but your official website is the one place where you are not limited by the bounds of character counts or post rank and where you have a completely captive audience. They will visit your site to learn more about you, to see your latest endeavors, which in many cases may float additional sales your way.

Freedom of Design

Twitter and Facebook have both added features that allow you to create a beautiful presentation for your brand, but there are still limits to how creative you can get. With your own website, the design possibilities are endless. From highly interactive sites to clean minimalistic designs; the only thing that limits you is your own imagination.

It is undeniable that a social media presence is critical to your identity, but these channels should serve as an extension of your official website. Websites put you in full control, while offering the added benefit of additional income (which in many cases cannot be achieved through the use of social media alone.)