How To Set Up Pinterest’s Place Pins

If you use Pinterest you probably have heard about their new place pins.  Place pins allow users to add locations to their favorite pins.  Setting up your place pins isn't hard!  Let us walk you through the process and you'll have place pins on your boards in no time!

Pinterest Place Pins

1. Head to your Boards. Once there you should see a pop-up that looks like this. Pinterest will help guide you through the process. So follow the prompts!

Place Pins: Step 1

2. Add maps to your board. Hit Edit then you'll notice a little switch. Change it to the on position to to activate maps and hit save.

Place Pins: Step 2

Place Pins: Step 2

3. Lets go check out our new map board.  Look at that map!  Now you can add locations to all of the pins on that board.

Place Pins: Step 3

4. Adding Locations is Easy. Click Add a Place to add a location to your map.  You can also click the + sign near your pin to add a location to it.

Place Pins: Step 4

5. Just search for your place, and it will be added to your pin.

Place Pins: Step 5

That's all there is to it!  Your new place pins are live and ready to go.  Have you used place pins? What do you think of them so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.