Montetize Social Image Sharing with Passion TagSharing images across social networks is already a great tool for building brand engagement and awareness.  Passion Tag aims to add even more benefits for sharing photos on social media by allowing them to easily promote events, causes and products.

Passion Tag allows users to tag images.  Tags in this sense can be anything from a link to a recipe, or a link to buy tickets for an upcoming event.  The images can then be shared across social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, or by email, SMS/Texting, or Passion Tag's own app. Additionally brands also have access to an array of analytics data including clickthrough rates and conversions.

Currently the Passion Tag is only available on the Apple App Store, however they do have plans to release an Android version in late 2013.  It has both free and paid tiers for Brands and is free for Consumers.


Are you interested in using an app like Passion Tag?  Have you had the opportunity to use Passion Tag yet? Share your experience with us in the comments.