Social Media Day was created by Mashable to recognize & celebrate the modern phenomenon that is social media.  This year will mark the 4th year of Social Media Day. It has been so successful it's even been named an official  holiday in several states.  Social Media Day will be on June 30th, 2013 so mark those calendars!

Social Media Day #smday

Social Media Day's goal is to celebrate the life changing force that is social media as well as the people behind that change.  It recognizes the ever changing landscape and new innovations in the realm of social media and the impact social media has on the lives millions of people.

There will be events going on world wide to connect social media professionals.  Find events and others interested in Social Media Day by using the hashtag #smday on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.  There is also the official Social Media Day Twitter account @mashsmday.  You can also find the official Social Media Day Page on Facebook.  Social Media Day Meetups will be happening all over the world.

Will you be attending a Social Media Day meet up or celebrating on your own? Tell us about it in the comments!