Instagram's Sponsored Videos & Posts are Here!Instagram has just announced the addition of their sponsored videos and posts.  The new ads will appear in users feeds and be clearly marked "sponsored".  Like Facebook ads, users will have the option to give feedback on the ads they are seeing.  This includes the ability to hide ads a users doesn't wish to see.

Instagram Sponsored Posts & VideosScreenshot of the new sponsored posts.

Instagram has published a FAQ about the new ads on their announcement page, with more information available on their help page.  Currently the list of accepted ad sponsors is limited to companies like Ben & Jerry's, Burberry, Macy's, Michael Kors and more.

Ads will be shown based upon information about a users likes based on data from Instagram parent company Facebook as well as what brands a users interacts with on Instagram.  So if a user likes Ben & Jerry's on Facebook and Instagram they can safely assume they will see some sponsored posts or videos from Ben & Jerry's on Instagram.  For those worried about advertisers using their photos, don't worry! Instagram clearly states that the advertisers will not have access to users photos! Your photos are safe!

What do you think of the new Instagram ads?  Have you seen them in your Instagram feed yet?  Share your thoughts in the comments!