Instagram was once purely mobile. Then profiles came to the web and now your entire Instagram feed is viewable on your pc or tablet.  Instagram recently made the announcement on their blog.  Now you have the option of going directly to and logging into your account to view the latest photos in your stream.

The feed on the web will function much the same as on a mobile device. Users will be able to view recent additions to their feed, like images and leave comments.  The only thing users will not be able to do is to add new photos to Instagram.  Photos are still the strict domain of mobile and Instagram intends to keep to the true nature of Instagram which is all about sharing photos while you are out and about on the go.


The feed on the web will look very similar to the feed you are familiar with on a mobile device.  The only difference is more white space to account for the larger screen size.  This extra white space can be decreased by re-sizing your browser window, if users prefer a look closer to that of the mobile view.

Have you tried the new Instagram web feed yet? What do you think of it? Tell us about it in the comments!

(Image courtesy of Instagram)