Instagram Now Featuring Embed CodesIf you are an avid Instagram users and happen to also have a website or blog you have probably wanted to embed an image or two from Instagram.  Until recently the only options available were third party sites.  While this isn't a bad thing, wouldn't it be so much easier if Instagram simply allowed users to embed their images?

Yes, yes it would!  That day has finally come, Instagram now allows users to embed their images!  The new feature will let users embed both images and videos.  It's a simple process of copying and pasting the code that is produced when you click on the share icon.  There is one caveat, in order to share images or videos they must be marked as public.


As you can see in the example above a user's information will appear on the video or image just as it does on Instagram.  This is great news for users who are concerned about receiving proper credit of their images and videos.

What do you think of Instagram's move to finally add embed codes?  Lets test out these embed codes, share  your favorite Instagram posts in the comments!