Instagram 4.1 Now Allows Video ImportsThe days of using only Instagram Video's in app recording button to create videos are gone. With the latest update Instagram Video now allows creators to import previously recorded videos. The improvements don't stop there however.  Instagram Video also sports several other new features.

Tired of crooked videos? Who isn't!  Now iOS users will be able to straiten photos instantly. This new feature gives users complete control over the orientation of their photos, well at least the iOS users anyway.

Don't worry Android users, you aren't left out completely from the Instagram updates!  Instagram now supports Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich! No longer are you excluded from the fun of uploading images for all to enjoy!

The Instagram update is live now. Just update your Instagram app to enjoy the new features.  While you are at it, share your Instagram shots with us @lolsocialmedia on Instagram or in the comments! We cant wait to see your photos & videos!