[Infographic] Why Facebook Users are Valuable to Marketers | lolsmg.comThe ROI of social media marketing is a topic that has been discussed many times.  Numbers for the worth of a Facebook like have been thrown out.  However, numbers don't always tell the whole story. So why are Facebook users valuable to marketers?  This infographic from TopMarketingSchools, takes a look at why exactly marketers value Facebook users.

Facebook has over 1.26 billion users.  This huge number alone means that if chances are whatever demographic a marketer might be targeting is on Facebook.  While the number of users is impressive, it also has one of the highest levels of engagement of all social media networks.  Facebook users spend more time on Facebook than other social media site users with on average 8.6 monthly hours per users. More engaged users, means more users will engage with marketers.

Facebook's usage is still growing, especially on mobile.  Over the past 2 years Facebook users have been spending more and more time on the site.  Not only on the desktop site, but mobile usage has steadily been continuing to grow as well. This increasing use gives marketers more time to reach more desktop & mobile users.

Facebook also gives tremendous insight into user behaviors. From life events to other personal information Facebook's information can provide marketers with more insight than ever into their target demographics, as well as allowing marketers to precisely target their posts and ads to specific demographics.

Learn more about just how massive Facebook's user base is and the amazing numbers that go along with it in the full infographic below.