You're familiar with the roll that Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest play in social media marketing. What do you know about Vine, though?  Vine has risen quickly in popularity and continues to do so.  Understanding Vine will lead to more success on the platform. To help people understand Vine, the good folks over at Buzzfork have developed this infographic.

To start with, Vine is a busy place! There are over 5 Vines tweeted every single second!  To get the most exposure for your Vines there are statistics that you should consider. First is that most Vines are posted mid-morning.  To make your content stand out try to avoid posting at this peak time.  That brings us to the eternal social media question: When IS the best time to post?  Of course the usual answer is it varies based upon your own audience.  However, overall on Vine the weekend seems to be the best time for sharing!

Whenever Vine is mentioned Instagram Video is often not far behind, how do the two stack up?  Well it's hard to say, but interestingly enough Vine videos are shared 37% more often than Instagram Videos! So for now, if you are looking for more exposure Vine may be the way to go!


Now that you know more about Vine have these stats changed the way you will use the platform?  Or are you more of an Instagram Video type?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments.