[Infographic] The Best Times to Post on Social MediaThere's one question that pops up more than others when it comes to social media marketing: "When should I post?"

If there was a silver bullet, everyone would be doing it. In reality it's much more complex than that.  It always comes down to your individual audience.  So before you run off and follow the latest advice from another social media guru ask yourself this:

 What do my analytics say?

Take a look at your own analytics. Perhaps your audience likes to read your blog over breakfast, or perhaps your audience is split over multiple timezones and it spikes multiple times throughout the day? If you have data that says "unpopular" times of the day (or night) work for you, then go with that - no matter what anyone else says! However, be willing to experiment. The times you post now might be good, but you might just find out you're missing times that could be great!

However, if you are just getting your social media plan off the ground or perhaps you are having trouble finding a great time to post going with the experiences of others may help you out.  Fortunately, Social Media Frontiers has put out a convenient infographic with the best times to post (and the best times not to post) for your favorite social media networks.

Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter favor the early afternoon posts.  LinkedIn favors the early morning and after work hours. Google+ on the other hand gets the best results in the mid morning hours.  Overall, the worst times to post are the overnight & early morning hours.

[Infographic] The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Use these posting times as guidelines, and always consider re-posting content multiple times per day. This is especially important for those with users bases in various time zones and on fast moving networks like Twitter.  When are your best times to post? Do you fall into these guidelines? Share your response in the comments.