All marketers know the importance of knowing their target audience.  This is especially true when trying to reach out to them over social media.  Knowing the demographic of a social media networks allows marketers to refine their approach and focus on the demographic that brings in the most return on investment.

When it comes to gender how do social networks stack up?  Statistically social media in general skews more female.  However, each social network has it's own demographics.  Take a look at this infographic created by  Twitter and Pinterest have a female dominated user base, while LinkedIn and Google+ have a male dominated user base.  Facebook also skews female, while YouTube skews male, however they are not far off from being an equal distribution.

In addition to gender demographics, it's important to look at the time spent on social networks. Google+ averages only 3 minutes, while Facebook stands at the top of the visit length scoreboard with a whopping 405 minutes.

Infographic Social Media Battle of the Sexes

Have you notice these gender gaps in your own marketing across social networks? How does it effect your marketing efforts? Tell us about it in the comments!