All page managers seek the perfect Facebook posts. What exactly is the perfect Facebook post though? The folks at Quintly have created an infographic to illustrate the qualities that will set your Facebook post apart from the rest. Three parts make up the optimal Facebook post: the post itself, analyzing the post and benchmarking against a competitor's post.

When posting it's important to keep several things in mind. First is the wording of the post, not only for engagement and the abillity to get the attention of the readers but also in terms of keywords. The timing of the post is also important, reaching your viewers when they are online so that your post doesn't get buried in their news feed. Finally, consider the effects of adding media to your post. Images tend to increase the engagement levels of your post.

Analyzing your Facebook posts and those of your competitors lets you see not only what is successful for your brand, but what is successful for others. Equally important you can also learn what does not work and better use your time on successful techniques.

quintly Infographic: How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts

Do you use any of these tips? What are your favorite tips & tricks to have successful Facebook posts? Tell us about it in the comments.