[Infographic] The Guide To Everything You Need to Know About Facebook AppsFacebook Apps.  You've heard of them, but what are they really?  How can they help your Page? Why should you use them?   This infographic from Circus Social will answer those questions.  Basically, Facebook Apps are like mini websites that give Pages increased functionality.  Apps can display newsletter signup forms, host contests, or connect other social media networks.

Facebook apps can offer Pages new ways to connect with their fans and increase interactions as well as cross promote services, and products.  Apps tabs appear on the front of your Page right under the like button.  Their appearance and order can be completely customized to match any brand!


Facebook apps can increase off Facebook interactions with fans, as well as provide valuable services such as customer service, or easy one click shopping all from the comfort of Facebook.  The uses for apps is nearly unlimited! Do you use apps on your Facebook Page? Have you noticed an increase in engagement and other metrics since the app's installation?  Share your experience in the comments!