A Guide to Consumer’s Relationship with Pinterest

Do you sell online? Are you on Pinterest? If not you could be missing out on huge opportunities! Pinterest isn't just for planning your dream wedding or finding recipes. For businesses Pinterest is a huge opportunity to drive traffic to their sites and increase your sales.

When it comes to spending time on social media, Pinterest is the hands down winner. 1 in 4 users would rather spend less time on other social media sites in order to spend more time on Pinterest. Additionally Pinterest features 15% of users who are not on other social media sites!

Pinterest users love to pin food, home, arts & crafts, style & fashion, products, vacations, humor, travel, inspiration/education, and pins relating to children. Do you offer products or services that fall into those categories? If you said yes, your audience may already be on Pinterest (and they may already be pinning your products). While 51% of users do want to seek out deals and coupons, 43% want information on your products and 36% want to research your products and services. If you aren't adding your own voice to this conversation you could be missing out on customers.

Pins generate traffic. Not just a little traffic, but more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter and Google+ combined! Each pin can generate 2 visits, and those 2 visits can generate 6 page views. When it comes to going viral Pins are 100 times more viral than Tweets!

Traffic won't necessarily bring in revenue for your business, but an increase in shopping cart value would, right? Pinterest users tend to spend more on businesses they visit than Facebook users. How much more? How about over 2 times more? A Facebook user's shopping carts typical value would be $54.64 while a Pinterest user would be $123.50.

If your business sells things on the internet or even if you only have a brick and mortar store, if you ignore Pinterest you can be missing out on tons of new customers and increased sales. Are you on Pinterest? Have you experienced more traffic and sales due to your activity there? Share your experience with us in the comments.

Infographic: Pinning it Down
Infographic: Pinning it Down