[Infographic] Why Do We Follow Brands on TwitterEver wonder why your fans are really following your brand on Twitter?  Knowing exactly why your fans follow you will help form you social media strategy and post more engaging content that meets their expectations.  The most popular reasons Twitter users follow brands are to keep up to date on new products, and company activities. This is followed closely by receiving coupons/discounts and notifications about upcoming sales.
It's very clear that Twitter users expect to hear the latest news and updates from the brands they follow on Twitter. This can also help marketers use that expectation to build interest and excitement for upcoming promotions, news, and products.  Twitter users are also 80% more likely to comment on or otherwise interact with images. Twitter users are much more likely to interact overall on the internet, from updating wikis to their own blogs or sites.  Check out the rest of these interesting Twitter user stats below.
Why Do We Follow Companies on Twitter?

Twitter users can be great advocates for brands, but brands must know what these fans are looking for.  What has your experience been with Twitter users?  Is this infograhic's representation of them accurate?  Tell us your story in the comments.