[Infographic] What Customers Hate About Your Brand In Social MediaSocial media is all about connecting with your customers, so the last thing a brand wants to do is annoy them.  Is your brand unintentionally annoying your customers?  Disruptive Communications asked over a thousand UK consumers what brands do on social media that annoy them most.  The results may surprise you.

The biggest pet peeves about brands on social media are spelling, and "salesy" updates.  Fortunately, spelling and grammar is an easy enough fix. A spell check and a little care will go along way to preventing spelling or grammar errors.  However, not all age groups feel the same way about spelling and sales pitches.  Younger audiences ages 18-24 tend to care slightly less about spelling and grammar and instead hate it when brands don't post updates often enough.

Check out the rest of the data gathered by Disruptive Communications in the infographic below:


Do you find this data to be representative of your own customer or fan base? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.