Social networks can drive sales. Just how much is that share worth though?  The answer may surprise you.  A recent study by AddShoppers of over $5 million in e-commerce sales took a look transactions that were influenced by social networks.

The study found that email returns the biggest conversion rate, and thus is worth more.  While Stumbleupon shares are worth substantially less due to the much lower conversion rate. What may surprise you is that Google+ beat out Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest combined to return the most per share with $10.78!  However, this trend is reversed when you take a look at the percentage of social revenue.

The 5,000,000 Social Commerce Breakdown Infographic

Social networks can provide a strong return on investment for retailers online, but not all social networks run the same returns. Focusing your marketing efforts to the social networks that give you the biggest return will increase your sales.  How does your own experience compare to the results from AddShopper's survey?  Tell us about it in the comments.