Verified Twitter accounts.  Who wouldn't want one? If you are a celebrity or musician, especially if you have problems with impostors you need a verified account to protect your image. Unfortunately the process for getting Verified with Twitter is difficult and mysterious.

PeerReach has created this infographic to explain the current state of Verified accounts.  Verified accounts are still very rare on Twitter making up only .005% of all Twitter users. What do we know about these accounts that can help those seeking to get verified? Lets take a look.  Looking at the data below Twitter is verifying more accounts now than they ever have in the past. Over 60% of verified accounts have between 10k to 100k and 1k -10k followers.  Nearly half of the verified accounts are located in the United States.  While you may assume that most verified accounts are celebrities, the "Everything Else" category is most popular with 65% of accounts with Sports, TV, Music, and Government all falling behind that.


Do you have a Verified Twitter account? What was your experience getting that account Verified? Tell us about your experience with account Verification in the comments.