[Infographic] 19 Facebook Etiquette Rules for BusinessHow are your etiquette skills?  What about on Facebook, do you bring those same skills to the social networking realm?  If you aren't, you could be hurting your Facebook page's chances at success!  Here are 19 etiquette tips from Top Dog Social Media to keep you on the strait and narrow path to Facebook Page success!

While some tips are obvious, like avoiding discussing sensitive topics, others may not be.  How often have you seen (or deleted) pages spamming your page or others pages with links to their own pages? It's a common practice so it must be okay, right? No! It makes pages look desperate - that's never a good look!

Being transparent is more important for businesses today than ever.  Facebook pages are no exception to this, indeed social media allows brands to increase their own transparency.   Be upfront with your fans, tell them what to expect when it comes to response time frames, and how customer service inquiries will be addressed.

19 Facebook Etiquette Rules for Business

Etiquette in business is always applicable, no matter the medium.  Whether online or offline how a business projects its self will impact it's brand and bottom line.  Treating Facebook and other social networks as you would any other business interaction will go far in not only enhancing your influence on that social network, but improving your general brand reputation.  Do you have any other Facebook or general social media etiquette tips? Share them with us in the comments!