Pinterest, Facebook and now even Google+ is in the redesign mood! If you have logged into your Google+ account lately you probably saw something like this:


The new cover image dimensions are 2120×1192 pixels. As you can see the older cover image was a much narrower image and you now have about double the space to play with.  The profile image is 250×250 pixels and is now circular, so be wary of what image you use to take into account anything that could get cut off in your image. As you can see here our LOLSMG icon is being cut off near the top by the L's. It doesn't effect this image too much, but it is something to be mindful of.

The new circular profile image is a rather novel change in a world of square profile images. Overall the new Google+ places even more emphasis on the visual elements of the page. This means your new cover photos really do have the opportunity to shine. It should also be noted that if you do upgrade to the new cover photos, it cannot be undone. It might be wise to wait to upgrade until you have your new cover photo designed.

Other new changes aren't as obvious as the cover photo.  The Local Reviews tab now has more options, including the option to be entirely hidden.  The About tab has also received a graphical update that clearly separates the information into sections. Don't worry the information contained in the About page hasn't changed, only it's looks. No updating info will be required.

Most of the changes require no action on the part of brands, other than the cover photo. What do you think of Google+'s new look?  Tell us about it in the comments, and get to work on that new cover photo! Do you have a new cover photo that you want to show off? Let us know in the comments here, or reach out to LOLSMG on Google+.