Google+ Introduces Custom Page URLsDo you have a Google+ Page? Do you hate that long url you are supposed to memorize in order to link to your Google+ Page?  That random string of numbers isn't exactly easy to remember, is it?  Fortunately that is changing!  Google is finally enabling shorter, easier to remember, custom Page urls!

Page owners may have received a message from Google explaining the new change.  If not Page owners may also see a banner at the top of their Google+ Page notifying them of the new change.  Your new page url will look something like this, for example LOLSMG is now at  Much better right?! It's incredibly easy to set up, just click on the button indicated in the email, accept the terms & conditions (after reading them of course!) and hit the "Change URL" button and then "Confirm"!

In order to be eligible for the new shortened urls a page must meet the following criteria:

  • Has a Profile Photo
  • Has more than 10 Followers
  • Is more than 30 days old

Alternately businesses that are verified businesses local businesses or have a linked website also qualify.

The urls do have restrictions. Unlike other social networks, Google will be the one to pick your shortened url, not you.  Google will show which custom urls your Page is approved for and you may choose from those if there is more than one.  Changes can be made to the capitalization and accents/diacritics, but not to the spelling of the url.  To get all the details about the custom urls read Google's Getting Started Guide.

Have you switched to the new and improved custom urls?  How did the switch go? Do you like your new url?  Share your experience with us in the comments!