.gifs have come a long way from the garrish early 90's dancing pixels to become part of internet culture.  There are some times an image will not do, and there's need for a little more movement.  Keeping track of all your favorite .gifs can be a challenging task, who knows when you will need the perfect one.

Fortunately, Giphy has come along to give the internet easy, searchable access to thousands and thousands of .gifs.


To get you started Giphy also includes some example .gifs on various topics, and scroll down a little further and there are some popular topics in convienty hashtag form, such as the ever popular cat .gifs or the more general funny .gifs.

Once you find a nice .gif (We have selected the ever popular Nyan Cat), Giphy provides a sharable link for the .gif, tags the gif is associated with, original source, and technical information like how many frames the .gif has and file size.

Does Giphy meet your .gif finding needs? Or do you head on over to another .gif resource? Let us know in the comments!