FBNewsFeedYesterday Facebook announced changes being made to their News Feed.  Here's what you need to know about your new News Feed, no matter if you are a normal user or a page owner.

It's Not EdgeRank, It's News Feed

A little vocabulary check first, it's no longer the EdgeRank algorithm. It's the News Feed algorithm.  EdgeRank was the older version of the news feed algorithm.

What Has Changed?

  • Last Actor: This data set takes into account the last 50 interactions you, the user has had.  Those 50 interactions serve as a guide for Facebook's content. So the user will see more content from those they have last interacted with.
  • Story Bumping: This change in the algorithm will show users older stories that they may have missed from earlier.

What Has Stayed the Same?

  • The News Feed's goal is still to show the users what they want to see.
  • News Feed sorts posts based upon a user's interaction with other users and Page's content.  Likes, comments, and shares and the frequency in which these occur all indicated a user is interested in seeing what that user has to share.

What Does That Mean For Pages

According to Facebook they have seen an 8% increase in likes, comments and shares from Pages, as well as users.  The number of stories seen by users should also increase.  As before it is on Pages to deliver content that is engaging and interesting to their audiences.  No matter the changes that Facebook makes to their News Feed algorithm the main reason people connect with Pages is for the content they produce.

Have you noticed any changes to your Page's engagement and reach?  Tell us what you think of the new changes to News Feed in the comments.