Facebook Rolls Out App Timeline SectionsOn Tuesday, Facebook rolled out the application modules for Timeline that it had first announced earlier this year.  The modules give apps new real estate on users Timelines in a bid to increase app user engagement.

Some apps are using their new sections for things like music and movie ratings, or to show the usage of the app.  To reinforce their best practices for implementing sections Facebook has created a blog complete with examples.  The three main goals for developers of the new app sections are:

  • Give people a way to add the new custom app section to their Timeline
  • Use the right template for the section (map, lists, or galleries)
  • Focus on quality and completeness before submitting for approval

In addition to the new custom app sections, Facebook has also improved the insights available for apps.  The new analytics will include referral clicks, and impressions on users' Timelines.

Have you noticed any new sections on your Timeline from apps you use?  What are your thoughts on the latest change in the ever changing world of the Facebook Timeline? Tell us about it in the comments.