Facebook Now Supports #HashtagsHashtag users rejoice! Facebook now supports hashtags!  Here's what you need to know about Facebook's new hashtag system.

If you are concerned about privacy (and who isn't these days) don't worry, even if you use hashtags, your information will still be hidden according to your privacy settings.  This means hashtag results won't be as comprehensive as other services like Twitter.

For those cross-posting to other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, the same hashtags will work. Marketers will no longer have to create special messages to avoid using hashtags on Facebook.

You can use Facebook's search features to search for hashtags. Simply type in a hashtag into Facebook's search and receive results.  However, mobile will not yet support hashtags.  Mobiles users will be able to place and see hashtags but they will not be clickable at this time.

Facebook page managers should take note: Hashtags will not be reflected in your reach or engagement.  While using hashtags will enable you to theoretically reach more users your analytics will not reflect this.

With hashtags officially coming to Facebook it's important to keep in mind proper hashtag etiquette. Don't go overboard on the number of tags you use in a single post, any more than 3 is enough!  Too many hashtags can dilute your message and annoy your readers!  Do however use your new Facebook hashtags to compliment and expand any hashtag marketing efforts on other platforms.

Will hashtag support change your Facebook marketing plan?  Do you think they will help your marketing efforts? Tell us about it in the comments!