Facebook Rolls Out HTTPS, Embeddable Updates, On This Day, and Partner with Game DevelopersFacebook has been busy rolling out an assortment of new features. So here is a round up of the Facebook news you need to know!

Facebook Makes HTTPS Default

Uh, what?  Basically Facebook has made the default way of connecting to Facebook more secure for users by adding an extra layer of protection.  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure has been an option for some time, however users had to enable it on their own. This left many users unaware of the extra layer of security available to them and left them and their information more vulnerable to attack.

Facebook Public Updates are now embeddable!

Jumping on the embed band wagon, Facebook has made public updates able to be embedded.  Just as you might embed an Instagram photo, YouTube Video or Vine video you can now embed a Facebook update on any website.  Currently this new feature has only been rolled out to a select few users like CNN, Huffington Post and PEOPLE magazine.

Facebook Launches On This Day Feature

Felling nostalgic?  Facebook's On This Day Feature now features updates from the years past giving users a look back in time to where they were in their lives in the past.  This feature is currently only in testing, so it is not available to all users. To see if you have access to it simply look for it in the drop-down menu of your News Feed.

Facebook Partners With Game Developers

Facebook has launched a new revenue sharing program with small and medium sized game developers. Facebook Mobile Games Publishing is a pilot program aimed to give smaller developers more exposure.  Those who participate in the program will receive help from Facebook to attract new and loyal gamers.

Are you excited about any of the recent updates Facebook has made? Have you seen any creative uses of embeddable updates? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.