Facebook Posts Live How Long?!A recent study by Wise Metrics has shed more light onto the lives of Facebook posts.  Posts on Twitter have a much shorter life span than those on other social networks due to the very nature of the social network's design. It has always been thought Facebook's content had longer life times, but it may not be as long as previously thought.

Wise Metrics has found that most of a Facebook post's engagement comes in the first 1-5 hours of it's existence.  Impressions, however peak faster with over 75% of impressions in the first half hour to two hours of Facebook post life.  75% of a post's audience will see that post by the 1 hour and 50 minutes mark.

Wise Metrics's Facebook Post Life Span

What do these stats mean?  There are several things that can be taken away from this. First, timing matters. Knowing when your Facebook fans are most active, and scheduling your posts accordingly will help your posts preform well.  Secondly in order to maximize post exposure re-posting throughout the day (and night, especially if you have an international audience) will help your post be seen by more people.

This new data shows how important it is to do your homework and determine when the best time is for posts.  This means doing some digging into pasts posts and learning from those, as well as taking note of the analytics provided by Facebook and other services.  Are you surprised by the life span of posts on Facebook? Will this impact your own Facebook marketing efforts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.