Create Your Own Flipbook from Instagram Photos With EverlapseInstagram users love their photos. Everlapse took note of this and has developed a service to let Instagram users enjoy their photos in a new way.  Everlapse creates short flipbooks of their most popular images.

Users can effectively create a highlights reel that they can embed on their site or blog.  Everlapse isn't an entirely solitary affair, however.  Other users can also add their own images to a highlight reel.  This opens up a new venue for brands to interact with their fans in a collaborative way.


The Everlapse app is currently only available on iOS, however they also have a web based version.

The LOLSMG took off to the web based option to try our hand at our very own highlight reel. We did encounter a few issues, it just didn't work for us in either Firefox or Chrome.  We did eventually find success using Safari. Behold our Everlapse highlight reel:

Everlapse will also send out a tweet alerting your fans to your new montage, like this:

Have you tried Everlapse? What do you think? Share your creations with us in the comments! We can't wait to see them!