Contextual Search Comes to Twitter with TameEver wonder what the most popular topics, tweeps and people are in your Twitter feed?  Your feed can get overwhelming, and searching won't always deliver the results you are looking for. This is where the new service Tame comes in.

Tame lays out the most important news & hashtags, tweeps, and people in a simple top 10 layout.  Tame displays three columns: the first one has trending hash tags, the second has the most talked about tweeps, and the third has the most often mentioned users.


Screenshot courtesy of Tame.

Tame gives users control over their feed. It's especially great for journalists, marketers, PR professionals and politicians.  However, it's also great for bloggers or anyone else interested in a streamlined Twitter experience and the latest trending news.

This new service has a free and paid option. The free option is limited to the top 10 results, while paid accounts have more results available to peruse.  Additionally paid accounts will have access to features like analytics, global Twitter search, Tweet Wizard and time slider.

Have you tried Tame?  Share your thoughts on it in the comments.