Claim Your Google Authorship in 3 Quick and Easy StepsSetting up your Google authorship isn't hard. In fact it can be done in only a few simple steps.  Google authorship is basically a way for Google (and by extension the rest of the internet) to link content back to the author.  You may have noticed in your search results entries that have the author's picture and a rich snippet about them? That's Google authorship in action!  Here's how you can add your own authorship to your content.

Step 1: Validate your Email Address

Head on over to this site and simply enter your email address. Follow the prompts and you will be verified!

Step 2: Link Google+ to Your Content

On your Google+ profile head on over to the "contributor to" section. Here you can list all of the sites that you contribute content to.  Link to your bio, if applicable, or to the actual post you have written.

Step 3: Link Your Content To Google+

Add the following tag somewhere within your content to link it to your Google+ page:

<a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Google</a>

Make sure you replace the [profile_url] with the url to your profile!

Congrats! You have now established your Google Authorship! If you'd like to test it out you can use this tool to see your very own rich snippets.

Have you set up your Google authorship?  Have you noticed any changes in your SEO or traffic? Share your experience with us in the comments.