7 Ways to Avoid Spoilers OnlineDid you miss the Breaking Bad finale last night? Or maybe you're one of the few who never watched it to begin with and just don't want it cluttering up your social network feeds?  No matter your reasons for wanting to block spoilers or other content there are several solutions available to you.  Here's how you can avoid spoilers online:

Spoiler Shield

This app is available only for iOS.  It will shield you from spoiler filled Twitter and Facebook posts for your favorite sporting event or TV Show.


This app is available as a Chrome extension.  You can configure it to block any keywords, phrases, or hashtag's you'd rather not see.  No matter if it's a sporting event or TV show you can block spoilers.

FB Purity

FB Purity is specifically to avoid spoilers on Facebook. You can block out any keywords you'd like to avoid and it's available as an extension for Chrome, Safari, Opera & Firefox.


DeClutter is a bookmarklet that allows you to block any words or phrases you choose.  Enter the words you'd like to avoid then go to the specially generated link and view your tweets & timeline as you normally would - spoiler free!

Comment Blocker

Sometimes the worst spoiler offenders are comments. Block those annoying spoiler filled comments with Comment Blocker. It's a Chrome extension that will disguise all comments.

No YouTube Comments

This Chrome extension does exactly what it says. Block YouTube comments to avoid spoilers or just avoid comments in poor taste.  You can easily toggle comments between visible and hidden.

YouTube Comment Snob

For the Firefox users out there, this add on allows users to filter out undesirable comments.  Filter options include misspelling, specific keyword or hashtag, punctuation, and grammar.

There's no foolproof way to avoid spoilers online.  However, these options will give you a better chance of avoiding spoilers (or any other content you might not want to see).  Do you have any sure fire ways to avoid spoilers? Or do you actively seek them out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.