6 Tips to Pin for SuccessYou have a social media marketing plan for Twitter and Facebook, but what about Pinterest?  Are you even on Pinterest? If not you could be missing out on of the biggest weapons in your social media marketing arsenal.  Becoming successful on Pinterest doesn't have to be a challenge. Here are 6 tips to pin for success!

1. Choose Your Images Wisely

Take care when designing and creating images for Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual medium so pixelated or skewed images will not help. Large, crisp, well designed images are your best bet.  Let your images speak for themselves.

2. Organize Your Boards

Set up your boards for success, keep them organized and name them appropriately.  The name must reflect what you are pinning, however, that doesn't mean you can't have fun with the name.  In a sea of "dessert" boards your "Tasty Meal Finishers" or "Yummy Tempting Sweets" will stand out.

3. Pin Regularly

As with any social media network, you must be active.  Neglecting your board for extended periods will let your followers forget about you.  You don't have to go crazy but posting a few times a week will keep your pins in front of your audience.  While we are on the topic of pinning regularly, this does extend to how many pins you pin at once. Try to avoid pining many pins all at once, this can overwhelm your fans!

4. Remember Your Brand

Different brands approach Pinterest differently. Some show the lifestyle their products or services portray. Others feature their products and various uses for them, some even do a combination of those two styles.  Whatever you do, keep your brand in mind. Don't pin things simply because they are popular, pin in keeping with your Brand and what it stands for.

5. Integrate Pinterest on Your Site

This is perhaps the biggest thing you can do! People love to pin things, so make it easy for them! There are any number of plugins you can use and codes you can insert to make pinnning easy for your fans to do right from your site with the click of a button.

6. Customize Your Profile & Boards

Just like you would in any other social network, be sure you fill out that profile completely! Make sure you:

  • Upload a User Icon
  • Verify Your Website
  • Connect Twitter & Facebook
  • Write a Description
  • Write Board Descriptions
  • Create Custom Board Covers

Follow these 6 tips and your brand will be well on it's way to leveraging one of the most popular social networks out there.  Do you have any other tips for improving a brand's chance of success on Pinterest? Share your best tips in the comments!