6 Tips For An Awesome YouTube Channel ProfileSetting up your social media profiles is the first step to social media success. Nothing is a bigger turnoff for potential fans than coming across an account floating in the "is this a real account" zone.  These 6 tips will help you use your YouTube profile to showcase your channel to it's fullest.

Use the Right Image Size

Taking into account all the devices that may view your YouTube channel can be difficult....IF you don't use YouTube's handy image guide!  YouTube has created an image guide that's available in some common formats like for Photoshop and Illustrator.  The guide overlays your image design and shows you exactly how different devices will view your image.  Concentrate your move important information in the central area to ensure it's viewable on all device sizes! You can download the template here.

Design the Right Image

Getting your image the right size is only part of the problem. Make sure your background image design is of high quality and in keeping with your branding. Show off your channels personality and avoid boring generic images.

Choose Your User Icon Wisely

Pick an appropriate user icon.  If you are using other social media networks, you'll want to keep your icon similar to the others. However, keep in mind your YouTube image will be small, so ensure your image looks good at small resolutions.  This isn't the time or place for text!  Consistent branding will help viewers know that you're the same @AwesomeBrand from Twitter and Facebook!

Perfect Your Channel Name & Description

Your channel name & description will show up in searches throughout the web so it's important to make sure they are descriptive.  Keep SEO in mind and use keywords that are in keeping with your brand, and channel content.


Don't leave your profile blank! Make sure you fill out all of the profile options and details, right down to other social media accounts.  Link your social media accounts to  your profile as well as links to your sites.  Don't forget to reciprocate on your other social media accounts! Cross promotions will help improve follower counts across all your accounts, and the social links back to your site will help with SEO.

Create a Channel Trailer

Introduce new viewers to your channel with an awesome trailer.  It will help get viewers familiarized with your channel and show them what to expect.   Keep it brief and to the point but a little mysterious. After-all who wants to watch a channel where all the exciting unknown bits have already been exposed?  Don't be the movie trailer that gives away the best parts of the movie!

Designing your YouTube channel and setting up your profile will help your channel be successful.  As tempting as it may be to gloss over it and get strait to posting videos don't give in!  Do you have any other tips to set up your YouTube profile for success?  Share them with us in the comments!