5 Ways to Survive Facebook DowntimeYou may have noticed Facebook is down this morning! If you are one of the lucky ones then you can log in but it's not functioning correctly.  Status Updates won't post, likes won't go through, comments cannot be left.   For anyone who uses Facebook as part of their job this might be a bit of an issue! Never fear, we have 5 alternatives you can use to spend your Facebook time constructively.

Get to know Google+

When was the last time you logged in anyway?  Has it been a while? Show your Google+ account some love!   Real quality love, posts, shares, +1s and comments! They are all functional in Google's social network.

Complain on Twitter

Everyone else is doing it.  Okay, so complaining won't be constructive, however, you can strike up a conversation with a new follower or curate a new list of interesting people.  Show your tweeps some love and start up some great conversations or share some interesting links!

Pin it on Pinterest

Leave behind the Facebook complaints on Pinterest and curate some new and interesting content.  Take a moment to look over your Pinterest account, and ensure everything is up to date (while don't forget to do this to your other social network profiles as well!)

Share on Vine

Show the world how you feel with a quick video on Vine. Maybe show off how you are spending your Facebook downtime!

Get Creative on Instagram

Like Vine, Instagram needs to know how you are spending your Facebook downtime!  You could post yet another selfie, or coffee shot...but how about trying something a little more unique this time?  Connect with your Instagram followers, and show them some love. Leave some comments, they will appreciate it!

Facebook maybe down, but there are many other social networks out there to take up your time.  Head on over and give your followers, fans and circles some love!  How are you surviving Facebook down time?  Share in the comments!