5 Ways To Easily Manage Your CommentsContent creators, do you reply to the comments you receive on your content?  If you receive many every day it can be overwhelming, however there are some things you can do to keep your sanity and give your viewers the interaction they desire!

Block the Spam!

Spam comments happen, but you don't have to let them!  Blocking spam comments will not only keep your visitors safe from irrelevant, spammy content & links but also help protect your site's SEO from the bad links of spam comments.  There are many free options to keep spam comments off your site. One of the most popular is Akismet, it's provided with every single WordPress installation!  It does a great job of filtering out the majority of spam comments.

Plan for Trolls

How will you react when trolls visit  your page?  Have a plan of action and be ready to identify and deal with trolls accordingly.  Trolls bring no value to your site and only seek to sow the seeds of discord.  Protect your fans from trolls and give them the enjoyable atmosphere they deserve.

Comment Policy

Have a comment policy. Many sites share their comment policies with their visitors to encourage constructive and respectful discussions. With your policy written, be sure to enforce it as needed.

Respond to Comments

Make time to respond to comments. On sites with high numbers of comments this can be overwhelming, however you don't have to reply to them all. Try to respond to ones that add value to the conversation, and those that are repeated by multiple visitors.

Moderate Comments

Depending on your platform you may have the option to moderate comments before they are posted. This is a great way to prevent spam and troll comments from even seeing the light of day.  It will keep your comments section clean and respectful. Platforms like WordPress also have options that allow you to scan comments for keywords you'd rather not have displayed on comments and queue only those for moderation.

Comments can be a great way to connect with your audience and fans as well as have insightful and interesting conversations. Making time to reply to comments is time well spent.  Do you have any other tips of tricks for keeping up with your comments? Share them with us in the comments.