YouTube videos reach millions of viewers and can expand your brand's influence.  Setting up a YouTube account is a great first start, but any YouTube channel is only as good as the content it produces.  Producing great content isn't always easy, so here are 5 ideas to get your YouTube account gathering views and followers.

5 Video Ideas for Your Brand's YouTube Channel

1. Instructional videos. From how you do your makeup to how to use the latest image editing program, to how to use your product, viewers love how-to videos.

2. Live Stream. Concerts, publicity events, interviews, announcements, all can be live streamed.  Live streaming is a great way to build interest in your event, and let those who are unable to be physically present in on all the excitement.

3. Contests. Everyone loves a contest!  Contests can bring in many new viewers and followers to your brand.  Use your imagination from the best cover of your latest single, to the best fan video of your latest product in use, contests encourage engagement and build community.  Remember to integrate your contests with your other social media sites and your website to attract the biggest audience possible!

4. Interviews.  Interview your band members, your employees, clients, or industry leaders. Share valuable information with your fans, and give them a look at the real people behind your brand.

5. Behind-the-Scenes. Give your fans a behind the scenes look at the day to day activities at your brand. From manufacturing, to an office tour, to a behind the scenes look at a concert fans love to know everything they can about their favorite brands. It also helps give your brand a personal touch and builds a relationship with the fans.

With these 5 ideas your YouTube channel should be off to a great start!  What other ideas do you have for YouTube videos?  Share them in the comments!