5 Tips to Be Successful When Starting Fresh On Any Social Media NetworkYou're taking the leap and joining Google+, or maybe getting in on Pinterest? Or finally joining Twitter?   Joining a new to you social network is never an easy thing. It means rebuilding a network of fans and followers from scratch. This can be overwhelming, but here are 5 tips to help you build a presence on any social media network.

First things first: Your Profile

Starting on a new network means starting at the beginning.  This means setting up your profile. Fill out your profile completely, from icon to bio to links to other social media networks or sites. Make sure all the info people expect to be there is there.  Nothing says "I'm a noob" or "I'm a spammer" more than a blank profile...well, except for spam filled profiles that make no sense.

Get the Word Out

Cross-promotion is your friend! Once your profile is set up get the word out! Tell your other followers that you are now on your  new social network and encourage them to join you there.  Don't forget to announce it on your site as well as adding convenient links or widget to encourage visitors to connect with you there!

Learn the Culture

Each social media  network has it's own culture. Learn the terminology and the expected actions.  RTs have no place on Twitter, and blatant attempts at marketing won't win you any up votes on Reddit. So take some time to see how others are interacting on your new social media network. Pay special attention to any competitors or influencers to see how they manage their accounts.

Jump on In

Stalking Watching everyone interact will only get you so far. Eventually you will have to jump in and join in on the conversations!  Start connecting with people! Find those you already have contact in other venues and rebuild your connections.  When it comes down to it, social media comes down to 4 things: Connecting with people, sharing others content, sharing your own content, and showing appreciation through actions and words.

Don't Stop!

It can take time to build a new social network! Don't give up, keep at it. Remember, it's not about the number of followers but the quality of those followers. 10 devoted advocates are worth more than 1000 bought accounts!  Building relationships takes time, and that is what social media is all about: building relationships with others.  So keep going even if you feel like you are talking to yourself!

No matter the social network you are joining you can use these tips to develop your fanbase.   Rebuilding a network from scratch will take time and effort, don't let that deter you! Use our tips and develop your network today! Rather have someone else put in the legwork to build or grow your social media presence?  Let LOLSMG take the reins while you focus on your business! We offer full service social media and reputation management!