5 Tips for An Awesome Google+ PageDo you have a Google+ page? If not it's a must add part of your social media marketing and SEO strategies. Here are 5 of our favorite tips for creating a great and interactive Google+ page.

1. Fill out ALL THE INFO!


Don't leave your profile blank. Add all relevant information especially contact info and your location.

2. Help Your Fans Find Your Page

Google had many different widgets you can place on your site to help visitors find and add your G+ page to their circles.

3. Add Great Content

Social media with out content is...well...boring! So make sure you post interesting and relevant content to your G+ page.

4. Interact!

The point of any social media is interaction. Google+ is no different. Find circles relevant to your Page and start interacting with others on topics you love.  Also, remember to use hashtags. Google+ supports hashtags and they are great ways to interact and get exposure.

5. Hangouts & Communities

Google+ Hangouts are a great and personal way to interact with others. Participating or hosting hangouts is a great way to build your presence and network.

Communities are another way to find others with similar interests to interact with. Anyone can build a community so if there's not one to fit your niche you can build it.

Do you have any other tips for building an awesome Google+ Page? Share them with us in the comments!