resources-for-content-to-shareFinding relevant content to share on social media isn't always as easy as we'd like it to be.  Having go-to sources to find new and interesting content can set you apart from your peers and get you the retweets and shares you are after.  Here are 5 of our favorite places to find content to share!

1. Reddit - Ever changing Reddit, the "Front Page of the Internet" has earned that reputation by being on the forefront on the latest news, memes, and funnies.  From national and world wide news, to niche industry subreddits there's content to meet every need.

2. Your Social Media Peers - Your peers on social media are a great resource, maybe that memorable quote or typo, or their newest study or blog. Don't forget to check your friends of friends, or their Twitter lists. Those on the perimeter of your realm of influence can have troves of new and interesting information just waiting for you.

3. News Aggregator Sites - Sites like Alltop, and Inbound, bring tops stories from some of the most popular sites's around.

4. Trends & Popular Posts - Take note of the Trends on Twitter and popular posts on sites across the internet.  Be sure to keep an eye on the trends world wide, at a national level and a local level to find topics of interest to you and your followers.

5. Google Alerts - Get notified the moment an article with your keywords is posted.  You can set up alerts for your industry news, brand name, or anything else you want.  Your alters will be delivered right to your inbox.

Content curator, you can post new and interesting content throughout the day!  Add these great resources to your hunt for the freshest and most interesting content and you will be rewarded. So, what have you found today? Share it with us in the comments!