5 Resources to Create Your Own .GifsEveryone loves a good .gif.  Unfortunately not everyone knows how to make one.  Hours of searching Tumblr, Reddit, or Giphy only to find the .gif you were looking for doesn't exist? Don't waste that time anymore, you can create your very own .gifs, as you might have guessed there's an app for that! (Several apps actually!)


Simply paste the url to a YouTube video and you are on your way to .gif creation!  GifSoup is free to use, though it will place a watermark on your .gif.


Imgflip is also free to use and simply requires you to paste a YouTube url.  It gives you some nice options to change the speed and size of the gif.  It also allows you to upload your own images or other media to use.


Another free option it allows you to create a gif from YouTube, your web cam or image files.  They will also watermark your .gif, however you can avoid this by connecting a social media account like Twitter or Facebook.


Mac users? Want to make a .gif from a Vine video?  Then VineGifR is for you! It's a free download and allows you to create .gifs from any Vine video.


This free download for Windows allows you to create a .gif from any Youtube video.  You also have options to edit the frames of your .gif or add text to existing .gifs.

Now you too can easily create your own .gifs!  Have you ever created your own .gifs? Share them with us in the comments!