4 Ways to Annoy People and Loose Followers on InstagramInstagram is a great way to connect to fans and followers through the power of photographs.  There are however, some things that will annoy your followers and even drive them away.  Here are 4 things to avoid doing to keep your fans happy & connected to your brand.

Post the Same Thing

While individuals should avoid being the "selfie poster" with an entire feed of nothing but photos of themselves, brands should avoid falling into that same trap.  Don't just post the same photos of your product, or those office shots. Spice it up with a little variety so your fans won't be bored of yet another product shot.


With great power comes great responsibility.  Hashtags can have great power, but that power shouldn't be abused.  #If #your #Instagram #description #looks #like #this #stop.  You might have a hashtag problem.   Use hashtags when they relate directly to your photo.  Definite articles (the, a, an) and prepositions (in, after) should never be hashtags. Save hashtag use for your adjective and subjects!

No Updates

You joined Instagram for a reason right?  Well jump in and post something! Infrequent updates will leave your fans wondering where you went, or worse wondering who they followed!  Like any other social media network, Instagram only works if you are social.

Speaking of Social...Be Social!

Like, and comment on others photos! They will be much more inclined to do the same to you! Fans love earning the attention of the brands they follow, so be nice to your fans and they'll be nice to you.

Remember these 4 tips to avoid annoying your Instagram followers and your brand will be on the path to Instagram success.  Do you have any Instagram pet peeves? Share them with us in the comments.